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I'm an award-winning filmmaker!

It's true! My debut film, the short "Universe of Scotch and Haagen-Dazs"  has screened at multiple festivals, including the Austin FIlm Festival and the Discover UK Film Fest in London where it won "Best Sci-Fi Film." And my screenplays- mostly genre with a twist- have done all kinds of things. Check them out!


Dawn at the End of the World

(selected as a Creator for Imagine Entertainment's Impact 2 program, working with Seth Grahame-Smith as Shaper)


The only thing standing between Earth and total annihilation is one 14 year old loner, Dawn -- and the alien shape-shifter under cover as a middle school girl deployed to befriend her, train her, and protect her from an alien invasion.

Captain New Jersey

When the world's only superhero, The Atom (aka Rick Rivers) loses his powers, his girlfriend, and his pristine reputation, he moves in with his mother in his childhood New Jersey home; but when old enemies resurface, he must summon the strength to save the day one more time.


Nicholl Fellowship, Top 50 Screenplay

The Chaperone

When terrorists invade an elite prep school's prom to kidnap the president's son, an awkward high school junior discovers that her overbearing mother - and the prom's chaperone - is secretly a legendary ex-CIA assassin, and together they must save the day.


Nicholl Fellowship, Quarterfinalist

Austin Film Fest, Semifinalist

Bluecat Screenplay Competition, Semifinalist

Otherwise Engaged

co-written with Jeff Tabnick


A tightly wound lawyer’s jealous fiancée won’t marry him unless he retrieves the family engagement ring from his eccentric ex-girlfriend in Paris.


Slamdance Screenplay Competition Top 25 Feature

Honolulu Film Awards Silver Lei

Los Angeles Movie Awards Honorable Mention

Creative World Awards Quarterfinalist


The Universe of Scotch and Haagen-Dazs

written and directed by Jonathan Todd Ross


When Dan Levy goes to get his snoring, pregnant wife a glass of water, he meets an alternate version of himself who has an offer this Dan might not be able to refuse.

Watch it now on Dust!



Austin Film Festival 2016

NY Independent Film Festival 2016

Toronto Independent Film Festival 2016

Discover FIlm Fest UK 2016 (Winner, Best Sci-Fi Film)

Boardwalk Film Fest (NJ)

2016 (Audience Award Runner-up)


Tall Tales Of True Stories 

Produced at Theatre 440, NYC

Six short plays follow six young men who connect with women but can’t commit to them. One-night stands, obscene fantasies, sexually fraught male bonding and chance encounters with old girlfriends reveal their anxieties run deep and their egos loom large – but they might be ready for something more – just maybe not quite yet?

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