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I do other things!

I don't know, man. Here's some Miscellaneous Jonathan that didn't seem like it belonged on the other pages. 

Miscellaneous JTR

Here's some other fun stuff! Enjoy! 

I used to do a lot more face acting. Here's my reel of work from those days! Fun fact, the lady I'm kissing at 0:58 is my wife. This is the day we met, filming this makeout scene. 


This is me from some time ago, clearly thinking about going back to the gym for the second time that day. 

This is me at NYCC recently. I'm no longer thinking of the gym, I'm thinking of whether or not I have to buy my kids something, or are they just going to start expecting toys every time I go to a comic con, and that's not such a great precedent to set, for them to expect presents every time.

But I posted this picture online and lots of people had lots to say about  my "cake."  So here I am, just leaning into my brand, I guess. Look, I'm just glad you're here.  

I don't know that lady to the left, but I have to assume she's contemplating my "cake." 


My wife's a writer, and I'm really proud of her. She's published 3 books so far, Book 4 is Fall '24, Book 5 is '25. 

Pick one up for the middle-school aged kid in your life! 

This is our new puppy. She's a very Good Dog. 

Clover Puppy.heic
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