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I'll be appearing at New York Comic Con 2023. Come meet me at the 7 Bucks a Pop Booth, #1023. 

Audiofile Magazine calls American Midnight one of the Best Audiobooks of 2022! 

My action comedy The Chaperone is a Semifinalist for the Austin Film Festival!
My superhero dramedy Captain New Jersey is a Semifinalist for the Academy's Nicholl Fellowship!

You can now find me on Cameo


-The New York Times

New Audiobooks in Fall '22

​The Revolt Against Humanity(Adam Kirsch)​

The Status Revolution (Chuck Thomspons)​

Innovator's DNA (Jeff Dyer)​

Saving Main Street (Garry Rivlin) 

Shoggoths in Traffic(Tobias S. Buckell) 

Threader God(Gerald Brandt) 

American Midnight (Adam Hochschild)

A Trillion Trees(Fred Pearce) 

Digital Madness
(Nicholas Kardaras) 
Fooling with the Amish (Dirk Eitzen) 

Oldest Cure in the World(Steve Hendricks) 

Atlantis: Brink of War(Gregory Mone) (11/12)

Book of Extraordinary Chaos (Joe Meno)

Relationships 5.0!(Elyakim Kislev) 

A Thousand Miles
(Bridget Morrisey)
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