My action comedy The Chaperone is a Quarterfinalist for the Academy's Nicholl Fellowship!

It was also named a semi-finalist in the Bluecat Screenplay Competition! 

You can now find me on Cameo


-The New York Times

New Audiobooks in Spring '22

Nature Wants Us to Be Fat (Richard Johnson)​

Mayo Clinic Guide to Integrative Medicine (Brent A. Bauer) 

The Founders(Jimmy Soni) 

Split the Pie (Barry Nalebuff) 

Bluebird (Genevieve Graham)

Dark Stars(John FD Taft) 

Secret Lives of Secrets
(Michael Slepian) 
Inspired (Matt Richtel) 

6 Walks(Ben Shattuck) 

Atlantis: Brink of War(Gregory Mone) (11/12)

13th Hour:Chaos(Richard Doestch)

Ambushed!(Gail Jarrow) 

A Thousand Miles
(Bridget Morrisey)